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Corsica River Mental Health Services, Inc. is a non-profit mental health and Substance Use Disorder (SUD) clinic. Our mission is to provide caring, effective, and highly accessible assessment and treatment to all mid-shore residents through our clinics in Centreville, St. Michaels and Cambridge.

Mental illness, substance use, serious emotional disturbance, or a major life event is difficult to face. The staff at Corsica River Mental Health Services understands the life difficulties that can accompany these situations and knows how hard it can be to cope.

At CRMHS our caring staff provides support and encouragement to help people rebuild their lives and gain resilience. We provide dedicated services to adolescents, children, families, and couples. We help clients develop healthy methods to deal with stress.

CRMHS firmly believes that through effective treatment and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, appropriate life balance and good relationship can be achieved.

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